The Magik Tree

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Anothe piece completed in MyPaint. This one was very therapeutic for me:


The Electro-Magnetic Aero-Carriage

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Here is a preview of my next paper model:

I should have it complete within this next week…hopefully 😀

MyPaint and Open Source Software

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Just discovered this awesome program and thought I’d have a go at it. I highly recommend it and you can’t beat the price :p

I’ve also updated my links on the right with a category for open source graphics programs. Every one of them is invaluable to my paper model creation.

My first paper model found!

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The Tudor Cottage.
My first paper model completed back in 08. It’s uploaded over at my Deviantart page here:

Enjoy 😀

The Scallop

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She’s finally finished!
I have just released The Scallop. You can download her at my Deviant art page here:

Old works found!

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I was digging through some old back up CD from over ten years ago and came across some old pieces I had done.

This one is called “The Chamber” IT was one of the first things I had ever done in 3D. It was done around 1996 or 97 and I used a program called midnight modeler that was a modeling tool for POV-Ray. Awesome stuff 😉

This one was a pencil and prismacolor piece I had done for a friends father. Thought I had lost it forever and discovered I had scanned it. WooT!

Sub update and a new pencil!

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At last the final render for the Scallop. I’ve just about completed the unfolding and will have the completed paper model up for download within a week. I’ve also completed another pencil piece, an F4U Corsair.
The Scallop Final Rendering:

F4U Corsair drawn on 17×14 Bristol board: