Ramblings of a mad man:

Here is the progress thus far for the “Intrepid” paper model. As usual I did not make it clear that the is a “Steampunk” dirigible. Airships are a big thing for those of us interested in all things steam 😉

I like creating paper models because, for a change, all of the things that I’ve done in 3D (and there’s a ton of it) I can actually create something that can take a solid form. I know there are places where you can get you models “printed” in 3d with resins and such but where is the fun in that? Besides I want to give other people the chance to make the things I create 🙂

Seeing something take shape in the physical world is why I got interested in design/drafting in the first place. I miss that aspect of it. An aspect I never had when I worked at JCI (A.K.A the dump). I had that at DeWalt and at ADA. If I could ever find it again I would be happy. Working for a small company that designs machines for all types of applications would bring me great joy. Alas…I can’t even get hired at that great “W” conglomerate. Paper or plastic?

Fook it! I’ll just stick with my paper models.


~ by Richard on May 26, 2010.

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