Steampunk Wall Gear

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I present to you the Steampunk Wall Gear:
Gear Title

I always wanted a gear to hang on my wall and now I have one:

You can get your very own from my Deviantart page here:


Airship Pub Paper Model

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I just finished my latest creation…The Airship Pub


You can download it from my Deviantart page:

And here is a shot of the finished model:


It’s been forever but…

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I’ve finally finished another paper model (or models depending on how you want to look at it).

The Christmas Village:

Christmas Village

You can pick up the PDF over at my Deviantart page:

Finally Finished!

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I’ve finally finished the Aero Carriage. After five months of on an off hair-pulling fun I am now able to release it. You can download it here at my Deviant art page:

Finally an update!

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted. My blog has been an unfortunate casualty of my current employment 🙂
But, I do have an update. After many changes I have re-textured my Tesla Flier. I’m unfolding it and should have the paper model released soon. Until then here is the redo along side the old one.

And the new version:

Happy Halloween!

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Another piece done in MyPaint. Background and text done in PS.


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More MyPaint goodness 🙂
Anything to keep the peace.